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Emily Santos

“It is very important to me that we empower patients.”

Emily Santos is the Creative Arts Wellbeing Co-Ordinator at Peace Hospice Care and is based within the Wellbeing team. Emily said: “My passion for my job goes back to my own memories of meeting with an art therapist after my dad died in hospice care when I was 6 years old. Creative arts help to fight the stigma of the hospice environment and show that it’s not about death, but about improving the quality of life. It is very important to me that we empower patients to live the best possible life they can, while they can. I see the impact we make for patients in our groups who may be initially fearful about being involved with us, but leave with not only a different perspective, but with their lives transformed after being provided with the opportunity to express themselves and gain a sense of self. People aren’t just their diagnosis, and the creative approach is so important in that.”

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