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Welcome to Sarah O’Halloran

Sarah joins with vast experience, including five years in a similar role at a South London hospice. We caught up with Sarah about how her first weeks have gone, about her previous roles, what’s to come, and what she likes to do outside of work.

What is your work background?

“I started out on a somewhat different path- I used to be a lawyer and began my career in a solicitors firm in Ireland. After a personal break from work, I decided I wanted to do something more fulfilling and I changed my career path, working at a Disability charity, in fundraising and retail. After that, I lived in Australia and was National Fundraising Manager for a children’s charity that looked after kids in out of home care. I then came back to England and joined Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice, again in the field of Income Generation.”

What did you want to do when you were at school?

“I had always wanted to be a lawyer. But after my personal circumstances changed, I re-evaluated my career and decided I wanted to do something more fulfilling. After working abroad, I moved to a Hospice, and now I’m here!”

Having experience in the same role at another hospice must be hugely beneficial to your current role

“It gave me a head start. It also gave me a passion for palliative care and it is extremely rewarding seeing first-hand the impact that Fundraising and Retail makes for our service users.”

How is your new role going? What are you most looking forward to?

“Great – I’m really enjoying it and have been warmly welcomed by everyone I have met. I have a very competent team here and I am looking forward to overseeing its development to allow it to reach its full potential, so we can maximise our income and provide care and services to people locally. I’m also looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the clinical side of things here.”

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?

“I love travelling. I don’t have that much free time at the moment because I have a two year old daughter! So it’s a lot of tea parties with her, but in my ‘adult time’,I enjoy going out for nice meals.”

Where is your favourite place you’ve travelled?

“Brazil and Argentina have been the countries that have had the biggest impact in my travels so far. We have a place in Abruzzo, a remote region in Italy so we spend timethere too.”

What’s your favourite film?

“Oh that’s difficult. Weirdly, I like war and prison and crime dramas. The Great Escape is probably my favourite. And the Lord of the Rings trilogy.”

Sarah O'Halloran has joined us as Director of Income Generation.