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Watford Power Cut

At just before 8.30pm, on Tuesday 25th February, there was a power cut in the Watford area which affected Peace Hospice Care.  As a result, our phone system at the Hospice was damaged and we were unable to receive or make telephone calls.  Emergency procedures have been put in place and all calls to our main switchboard number, to the West Herts advice line and to the West Herts Palliative Care Centre, which we host and which receives referral calls from health and care professionals, are now being diverted on a temporary basis to mobile phones (there is no extra charge as a result of the divert).  Our phone line provider is working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.  We apologise for any disruption this may have caused.  We will keep you updated on the situation.

Update: The power is up and running again. Thank you everyone for your patience whilst we dealt with the issue.