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Virtual Bereavement Workshops for Children in August

We are providing one-off virtual bereavement workshops for children in August, with a choice of either 17th or 24th August.

On both days we will provide two separate workshops – with a workshop for younger children in the morning and a workshop for older children in the afternoon.

Morning workshop – for children aged 5-10

This workshop runs from 10:30am – 11:30am and draws on a concept created by Child Bereavement UK called the ‘Elephants Tea Party’. We will be exploring elephant families and behaviours and how they are similar to humans, then we will talk about how elephant herds grieve after an elephant dies, and what this means. There will be an activity based on the phrase ‘elephants never forget’ to show how memories can be taken with us and celebrated.

Afternoon workshop – for children aged 11-15

This workshop is based around the idea of ‘Putting On a Brave Face’. We will be looking at what this saying means and the advantages and disadvantages of being brave. We will then we creating our own brave-face mask highlighting how we look externally and what our real internal thoughts may be.


No child will be asked to share any personal details, unless they feel comfortable sharing. The workshops will be focusing on ideas and themes rather than direct personal experiences. Most of all we hope everyone who attends has fun!

To register your interest, please call the Hospice on: 01923 330 332 and ask for Emma, or email Emma at: