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The Importance of Volunteering

Amy Launders is Volunteering Manager at Peace Hospice Care, and here she talks about her role and the importance of volunteers for the Hospice.  

I support the management of volunteers in each department alongside our line managers. Im responsible for the recruitment, training and development of volunteers across the Hospice as well as developing policies and procedures for volunteering. 

I’ve always worked in palliative care, and previously managed my own team of volunteers, before taking on my current role. I like that I still get to see volunteers, and work alongside them, whilst also working for a cause I care about.  

Volunteers are so important to us as they provide support for all our services.  Within Patient Services, they bridge the gap between the patients and the nurses, often supporting the emotional needs of patients when the nurses don’t have time to. Just them sitting there and talking to patients can make all the difference, as they build connections with patients. The volunteers complement our services and other Hospice functions to help support our departments effectively and efficiently, ensuring we can continue our vital work.  

There are lots of volunteering roles here at Peace Hospice Care. We offer roles within Patient Services, Resources and Income Generation directoratesIn Fundraising, volunteers help with organising mass events, bucket collections and general admin. Our community volunteering team support patients out in the community visiting patients in their own homes and offering befriending support. There are roles within our Hospice site, on our Inpatient Unit, and working with Outpatients in groups. There are also positions to volunteer within Bereavement, RetailCommunications, Finance and many other roles. There’s lots of volunteering opportunities which enable our volunteers to put their specific skills and experience to use. 

Our volunteering opportunities are advertised on our website, and via other platforms such as Reach Volunteering, Do-it.Org and with the local Community Volunteering Centres . Our current volunteers often help with recruitment through word of mouth and speaking to friends and family about their role with us. Often our volunteers have a personal connection with the hospice and want to give something back.  

There are so many roles, with something to suit everyone. If you have a passion for helping people, and working towards a great cause, then any help makes the world of difference, as it all leads to supporting our patients and families. Whether you’re photocopying, bucket collecting or talking to patients, it helps the day-today running of the Hospice and helps us carry out the work we do. Due to Covid-19 we are looking at new innovative ways to volunteer in future and widen our volunteering cohortand are encouraging young people to sign up to be a volunteer too.”


If you are interested in volunteering for us, you can find out more information on our website: or contact Amy directly on: 01923 330 330.