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Running for Mum

Genevieve spent the last weeks of her life in Peace Hospice Care’s Inpatient Unit where she sadly passed away in August 2019. Genevieve’s son, Luke, talks about Genevieve and the care she received:

“Mum had been battling pancreatic cancer for a while before she was referred to the Hospice. She had undergone a year of chemotherapy and been given the all clear, only for a short time later to receive the bad news of an aggressive recurrence and given just a few months to live.

When Mum was admitted into the Inpatient Unit, the original plan was for her to return home; but the disease escalated quickly and she wasn’t strong enough to come back home. It was the right place for her to be as we weren’t able to provide the level of care she needed at home.

It was so reassuring to know that she always had the care she needed and it was a huge weight off all of our minds just to know that she was going to be comfortable for those final few weeks. The Hospice was there to support with everything – from feeding and bathing to the offer of wellbeing support.

The family visited Mum at the Hospice every day, but her being there meant that we knew she was being really well looked after during the rare occasions we weren’t able to be there. She developed a really good relationship with the nurses too – you could see that she wasn’t just a patient to them and we were blown away by their thoughtfulness. Seeing just how amazing the nurses were with her really made us all feel comfortable, and obviously we visited as much as we could, but knowing that she was always being cared for was a really important peace of mind, for all of us. We were all so grateful to the doctors and nurses on the Unit for the genuine care they showed all of us.”

Luke and his family are taking part in our Watford Colour Run on Sunday 19th June 2022 to raise money for the Hospice. You can book your places on this year’s family Run, please click here.