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Running for Keith

Following a diagnosis of terminal cancer, Keith Akers received care at home from Peace Hospice Care’s Community teams before he died in September 2021. On 6th February 2022, a group of Keith’s friends ran Watford Half Marathon in his memory, raising over £8,5000 for the Hospice. Keith’s wife, Claire, spoke about the care and why the group decided to fundraise:

“Keith was cared for by Peace Hospice Care during the last week of his life. Nurses, carers and a doctor from the Hospice’s Palliative Response Team and Rapid Personalised Care Service visited at least once a day for around a week after Keith left hospital and before he passed away. During this time, we received a huge amount of emotional support as a family, and the nurses administered medication to help make Keith more comfortable and control his symptoms, as well as liaising with district nurses. If someone wants to be at home at the end of their life, like Keith, then to have nurses come in is such a comfort.

The Hospice’s nurses were extremely dedicated and they offer such a great level of care, not only to the patient, but to relatives too; just the support of having people with us made a huge difference. If I had any queries of questions or wanted to chat, they were just great. We have an 11-year old daughter and so they gave lots of advice and information on how to handle everything and to support our daughter which made a big difference.

Within a few weeks of Keith passing away, one of his good friends said he was going to take part in Watford Half Marathon for Keith and for Peace Hospice Care. It then just grew from there amongst our friends and we now we have 11 people taking part. Some of them visited Keith and were a great support and knew it was something they were passionate about doing in Keith’s memory.”

Thank you so much to this wonderful group of fundraisers – support like this is vital in allowing us to be there for our community when they need us most.

If you are interested in fundraising for Peace Hospice Care, please get in touch with our Fundraising team:, 01923 330 330.