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Making Impact, Providing Value

Today, Wednesday 8th January, Peace Hospice Care has published an independent report into its social impact, based on research carried out by independent consultants Kingston Smith. Social impact looks at the causes, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours associated with health and wellbeing. The research found that we provide £3.68 of value for every £1 that we spend on our services.

The research reviewed the charity’s core services, it’s Starlight Centre, Hospice at Home service and its Inpatient care. Research included focus groups, surveys and telephone interviews with patients, families, volunteers and partner organisations.

  • Research finding included:
    Patients who access our Starlight Outpatient Services experience a reduction in social isolation and an increase in creativity and quality of life – patients are able to spend time as themselves away from the focus of their illness
  • Increased independence and social interaction for those supported by our Community Services
  • In our Inpatient Unit, patients experience reduced stress, feel more comfortable and experience more respect and dignity during their stay. The Hospice is seen as a much calmer, restful place for patients and their relatives, compared to hospital
  • For relatives there is a reduction in social isolation and anxiety, improved ability to cope with grief and hopelessness and consequent reduced strain on mental health
  • The Hospice provides an environment where relatives can speak to others going through similar experiences and access counselling which is often seen as a lifeline at such a difficult time
  • Our Volunteers experience a feeling that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves, that their life has more purpose – they experience a sense of being part of the Hospice family
  • For other healthcare organisations our impact was seen in their increased knowledge and understanding of palliative care issues and practice – they saw us as an excellent partner to collaborate with.


Speaking about the research findings, Declan Carroll, Chief Executive of Peace Hospice Care, said: “In the past it’s been challenging to demonstrate impact and to show supporters the value of their donations. This research has shown that for every £1 spent on our services, more than three times that amount would need to be spent to achieve the same outcomes elsewhere. I am hugely proud of the value we bring and the impact we make for our local community.”

To access the full report, click here.

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