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Hospice building risk assessment

Families and relatives continue to visit patients in our Inpatient Unit although our Hospice building remains closed to the wider public.  Our thanks to our Patient Services staff who have continued, since the lock down started, to adhere to Government guidelines to keep patients, relatives, colleagues and themselves safe.

As more non Clinical staff will be coming back into the building over the coming weeks and months, and in line with Government guidance about making work areas safe, we have carried out a risk assessment on the Hospice building.

You can find, here, the full risk assessment for the Hospice building, updated on 5th January 2021. We will also be carrying out risk assessments for our charity shops in advance of them opening and we will share those risk assessments on our website.

Following the risk assessment for the Hospice building we have taken a number of measures, to ensure that as more staff come back to the building we can continue to keep patients, relatives and staff safe and to minimise risk.

Measures we have taken include:

  • Signage in all offices about the start of day, during the day and end of day routines for wiping down phones, keyboards, phones and work areas
  • Signage in all offices about what to do should staff exhibit symptoms of Coronavirus
  • Signage to encourage washing hands regularly
  • Reducing the numbers of people who are allowed in communal areas i.e. kitchens and the onsite Café
  • Notices to remind staff to maintain social distancing in the building and to walk on the left along corridors and up and down stairs
  • Reminding staff about our cycle to work scheme, to support them in minimising use of public transport and to support them in using alternative methods of transport to get to work


Our staff have been consulted on this risk assessment and encouraged to raise any question or concerns with our Facilities Manager.  The full risk assessment was issued to staff by email and staff were also invited to highlight any concerns at our weekly team Zoom call.  The signed Government poster highlighting that we have taken the appropriate steps can be found here.  Thank you to all our staff for their help and support and for embracing the changes we have put in place to continue to protect patients, relatives and staff.

If you have any questions about our risk assessment then please email: