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Comfort Pebbles and Knitted Hearts

We are taking part in two exciting community initiatives: Comfort Pebbles 2020, developed by Hospice UK and Keech Hospice, and a knitted hearts project.

🌟 Comfort Pebbles – patients receive a hand-decorated pebble with a brief message from their family or friends on the back. This pebble can stay with them and be held in their hand as a comfort and treasured message. Please see more at:…/642833409625446/announcements/

🌟 Knitted hearts: small handcrafted hearts will be knitted in pairs – one given to a patient and one to their families to provide comfort. More at:…/laura-kirby-deacon-says-the-hearts-…

You can support us and our patients by getting creative and decorating one side of a pebble (leaving the other side blank for a message to be written later) or knitting a pair of hearts.  Please check out our links for knitted hearts patterns – pattern1; pattern 2.

There is a drop-off bucket outside the Starlight entrance in the car park at the Hospice where pebbles and hearts can be placed. Please do drop them off in sealed, dated plastic bags if you safely pass the Hospice on your daily exercise. Alternatively, you can send yours in the post. Thank you.



Since our Comfort Pebbles and Knitted Hearts appeal, we’ve been truly touched by the amount of beautiful pebbles and hearts that have been dropped off at the Hospice. If you do not see yours below, it’s probably already providing comfort  to a patient or family member. Thank you.