Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Read an interview with our last Strictly Come Hospice winners, Michael and Zelal

Michael and Zelal were the last couple crowned Strictly Come Hospice champions at our last Strictly Come Hospice competition. Read all about their Strictly experience in their winners interview below.


How did you find the experience?

Zelal: I found the whole experience very rewarding and worthwhile. It's really sparked something in me that I'll definitely pursue all thanks to Strictly Come Hospice.


Michael: The whole experience was great! The lessons were fun and the teachers were really good as they were able to fine tune our moves. The finale was amazing with all the build-up and actually performing what we'd learnt over the seven weeks of lessons on stage.



What was your favourite thing about the whole competition?

Zelal: Coming into each less and watching every single contestant grow and develop the more we learnt, especially considering how many times we'd elbowed and kneed each other during the process, we have all come a very long way! Of course, meeting all the wonderful people that were a part of the competition was also a highlight of mine.


Michael: It would have to be the lessons; I really enjoyed each and every one of them. The final performance at the Grand Finale was great fun and even though I was a bag of nerves, I got such a high from actually performing in front of the supportive audience.


Did you expect to win? And how did it feel?

Zelal: I genuinely didn't think we'd win. I know we practiced over and over and over until we got every move right. The nerves would kick in whenever we'd perform in front of each other and all of a sudden my legs are moving the wrong way and I'm doing a completely different routine! So because of how I'd been in rehearsals and the night before the finale, and forgetting parts of the routine I thought 'yeah we'll be alright, we won't be great but we'll be alright' then to come out and win, it was a surreal moment! I'm surprised I could even speak with how dry my mouth was but I was so happy and grateful for having the opportunity to have been a part of something so wonderful.


Michael: I thought we had a chance but you never really know. There were some really good dancers and couples that we were up against so the trophy was all to play for. When our names were announced as the winners I couldn't believe it - I was just so happy.


What would you say to others thinking of taking part in the next Strictly Come Hospice?

Zelal: Do it!!! Don't let your mind come up with excuses! It will be so worth and you have the added bonus of knowing you're doing it for an amazing cause! Just do it!


Michael: Do not hesitate. Its great fun learning the dance routine and you meet some great people along the way and it's for an amazing cause. Why wouldn't you want to do it!?