Tuesday, 04 September 2018

Elected Mayor of Watford Becomes Patron

We are delighted that Peter Taylor, the new Elected Mayor of Watford, is now a patron of our  charity.  Our other patrons are: Oliver Dowden MP, David Gauke MP, Richard Harrington MP, Shirlie Kemp and Martin Kemp.

Peter Taylor, Elected Mayor of Watford, said: "Peace Hospice Care holds a special place in the community and is a reminder, every day, of the commitment of local people, businesses and organisations.  They established the charity and it's because of them, and their continued goodwill, generosity and compassion, that the charity is able to do such great work. 

Patrick Brennan, Chairman of Peace Hospice Care, said: "I am delighted that Peter has agreed to become one of our patrons.  It's a crucial role that helps us to get the word out about our work and the impact we make. I know that Peter has been a great supporter of us over very many years and, given how busy he will be in his role as Elected Mayor of Watford, we are especially pleased that he has committed so enthusiastically to continue to support us in this way. 

We need £5 million to run and deliver our free specialist services.  Now, due to NHS funding cuts, for every £1 of income we receive, less than 20p of that comes from the NHS.