Friday, 19 August 2016

Our annual five mile muddy run, will feature 40 obstacles - making it one of the biggest in Hertfordshire!

This year, Royski's Runners will be joining hundreds of other participants to Push It for the Peace on the 24th September in Chiswell Green.

Libby Connare, team captain of the Royski's Runner, said: "My family and I are taking on the challenge in celebration of my Dad. It felt like a fun event to do in his memory that me and my brothers could all get involved in. My family and I took part last year, we had a team of fourteen and most of us will be taking part again this year.

"My Dad was in the Hospice's Inpatient Unit after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, everything happened very quickly. Dad went to Peace Hospice Care roughly 3 weeks after his diagnosis and received palliative care during his time at the Hospice. My family as a whole received a huge amount of care whilst we were there, I don't know how we would have coped without it.

"My Dad was only in the Hospice for four days, he had his own private room where we were able to be with him. My mum was able to stay in the room with him and my brothers and I were able to sleep in the family room upstairs. I have a large family and on the weekend we were all there; the nurses let us use the day room for family to visit - nothing was too much and they really made us feel like we were at home.

"The care that Peace Hospice Care provides is a lifeline to the families who need it. I felt like they held us together when our world was falling apart. I'm forever grateful to know that my Dad's final days were spent, in a safe, caring environment with the people he loved. I can't imagine what local families would do without it.

"I can't express how much Peace Hospice Care means to me and how wonderful they were to my Dad; I'll never forget it and that's why I always want to be able to give something back.

"Last year I had so much fun at Push It for the Peace! I laughed the whole way round. I loved the camaraderie and how everyone helped each other over the obstacles. The volunteers and spectators were all amazing at cheering us on and helping us cross the finishing line. Who knew getting muddy could be so much fun!"

If you think you can take on 5 miles of mud, sweat and teamwork then join Push It for the Peace today! To sign up visit the event page or call 01923 330330.