Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Five years ago, Team GC from Big Yellow conquered Peace Hospice Care's first Push It for the Peace challenge; on the 24th September they'll be back to tackle the muddy obstacle course for the fourth time.

Darren Naylor, Manager at Big Yellow East Finchley, said: "Five years ago we were choosing a small local charity to support and chose Peace Hospice Care as they are a fantastic charity and actively looking for new ways to raise money. The free support they provide helps families cope with difficult and vulnerable times.

"Gino, my colleague and I took part in the first ever Push It for the Peace and we enjoyed it so much that we've taken part in every one since except last year. This year we've roped Jonny, our colleague, into taking part as he has always said he would like to join us!

"We're really looking forward to see the new obstacles we face, as this will be the first time we conquer Chiswell Green. We are expecting it to be bigger than previous years to commemorate the 25th Anniversary. As well as participating in Push It for the Peace, we have all taken part in different events hosted for and on behalf of the Peace Hospice Care such as their Watford Colour Run, quiz nights and I've also signed up for their Fire Walk in October.

"I would encourage everyone to sign up to Push It for the Peace no matter their size or athleticism - especially forming a team as you can spur each other on and literally push yourself. There is always a sense of accomplishment and pride when you cross the finish line and look over all you have achieved throughout the five miles."

To help Team GC reach their £400 target please visit:

If you would like to take on Push It for the Peace on the 24thSeptember at Chiswell Green, St. Albans please click here or call 01923 330330.