Friday, 10 June 2016

In 2014 Marcia Davis, from North London, conquered Peace Hospice Care's Starlight Walk on crutches!

Marcia said: "I had injured my cruciate ligament and was undergoing treatment prior to the walk and I hoped that I would recover in time, but that was not the case. However abandoning the walk was never an option!"

Marcia continued: "As expected we were the last to cross the line but I was encouraged the entire way; even the marshals helped to support me during the walk. When we crossed the finish line we were greeted by a big cheer. For me that embodied what the Hospice does; even when you aren't fit they are there to support you to the very end."

"To me the work that Peace Hospice Care and other hospices do is special, because they are not just for palliative care but also for respite. My father was ill in Canada, however he did not have the option of being cared for by a hospice; it's only when you don't have the option of Hospice care that you realise how important they are.

"I'd urge women to get involved in the final Starlight Walk; giving just a small period of your time can have a monumental and long lasting effect. It's a brilliant experience!"

To participate in the 10th and final Starlight Walk on the 9th July visit their website or call 01923 335373 or email