Thursday, 19 May 2016

My name is Gavin and I want to say thank you. My mum, Jean, and our family were supported by Peace Hospice Care. We know that the charity relies on donations and that without its supporters we wouldn't have received the care we did.

I want to tell you about our experience and ask if you could support their Every Day Matters appeal with a donation. Our family is determined to do all we can to support this important cause.

My mum was one of life's good people. She meant so much, to so many. A loving wife and mother, a good and loyal friend, an incredibly proud grandmother and great-grandmother. I think, without her knowing it, she was the rock upon which her family built everything we do and believe in.

Mum was battling Pulmonary Fibrosis, a rare lung condition. When first diagnosed, she went to the Inspire Group at Peace Hospice Care's Starlight Centre every other Thursday.It was a great comfort to her. It meant she could talk to other people who were going through similar problems and it gave her the emotional support she needed.

One day after her session, Claire (the Rehabilitation Assistant) noticed that mum's breathing had deteriorated and called the doctor who was working in the Inpatient Unit (IPU). They assessed her straight away and admitted her into the IPU.

From the moment mum was admitted, I was blown away by the love and level of care given by the staff and volunteers, not just to her but also our family.

While she was in the IPU, I noticed that my mum's health picked up. The team looking after her approached her care in a holistic and pragmatic manner, which made such a difference. She had never had care like it before - things had always been treated in isolation until then. The level of expertise at the Hospice was incredible.

After spending about a month in the IPU, mum was able to go home. That in itself was amazing because I never thought she would be well enough to leave. Before my experience, I though a hospice was somewhere people go in and don't come out of, but it's so much more than that.

The Hospice at Home nurses came daily to support mum. They were fantastic. Mum has real character and strength when preparing for her death; it was incredibly humbling.  Mum passed away in January.

After seeing the remarkable care my mum was given, I really wanted to give back to the charity as much as I could. I got involved in their Pounds for Pounds event and I absolutely loved the experience. I would definitely recommend getting involved in one of their events.

Peace Hospice Care is there for people at the most vulnerable and difficult time in their lives.Nothing can prepare you for seeing someone you love suffering from a serious illness. But I can honestly say that the compassion, support, love and practical advice my mum and family were given helped so very much.

If you can give a donation to the Every Day Matters appeal today, we and other families like ours would be really grateful. Thank you again.