Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Raising more than £1,400, the team exceeded all expectations.

Congratulations to Team Wenta for taking part in Peace Hospice Care's first ever Grand Challenge in 2015! 

With a £100 seed fund to invest into each team's project, Peace Hospice Care encouraged participants to generate at least £1,000 revenue to show their creative and entrepreneurial spirit. This competition lasted 12 weeks with Team Wenta and runner-up Team Marshall Vizard neck and neck in the last few weeks.


Saffron Johnson Business Development Manager, Wenta  


"My experience has been nothing but positive. It was a catalogue of fun events which not only raised over £1400 for this amazing charity, but built and strengthened relationships with our clients that will continue to develop long after.

The social media element was fantastic and a great way to highlight and promote both Peace Hospice Care and Wenta, including other companies that had helped us along the way.

The challenge was fantastic for team building and was enjoyed by all. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone thinking of joining this year."

If you have a project or idea that you would like £100 investment, please contact Vicky Luk on vluk@peacehospicecare.org.uk or 01923 335348 to discuss. Alternatively, you can apply for £100 seed funding via our application form. This year, teams can take part on a rolling basis so you can choose a start date that works for you!