Friday, 29 January 2016

Shedding the pounds after Christmas is never an easy thing to do but Ruth Clarke has all the motivation she needs

Ruth, 46, from Watford is taking part in Peace Hospice Care's '£s for lbs' Challenge to lose weight and raise much needed money for the Hospice  in memory of her sister Trish who passed away from Leukaemia two years ago.

Nineteen other people have joined Ruth in the challenge and by their first weigh in on Thursday 21 January, after only two weeks, they had lost 7 stones and raised an amazing £2,440 between them.

'Trish was my big sis, and at times she was like a mum to me after losing my mum at 21', says Ruth who is writing a blog all about her challenge. 'To all of our family she was simply the best. Peace Hospice Care in Watford enabled my wonderful sis to remain at home with her lovely family and dogs. Their Hospice at Home team let her choose her end of life care, and enabled her to stay where she loved to be, close to us all in her final days.

'I want to raise awareness of Peace Hospice Care, and gain some sponsorship for their event '£s for lbs' which I have signed up for. It's also for anyone who has struggled with their weight over many years, and needs motivation that it's never too late to regain your fitness and your figure!' said Ruth.

The 12-week sponsored event supports people to change to a healthier lifestyle and diet, while raising sponsorship for the Hospice. Event organisers, Peace Hospice Care provide weekly meetings with weigh-ins, support and advice from nutritionists, physical trainers and staff, and fellow '£s for lbs' members.

Ruth added: 'my daughter has been my main support in losing weight so far, so you will be hearing lots more about them and the motivation they inspire in me.  I was diagnosed with OCD 23 years ago, and I suppose that's when I stopped focusing on my physical health, weight and appearance. 

'I am aware how important healthy eating and exercise are for good mental health and that is now my new goal, to look after my body and mind as a whole.  I wish some people would think more carefully before judging somebody who is overweight,  we all are fighting our own battles in life, and behind every face there is a life story with struggles that they face day to day.

'After my sister was diagnosed as terminally ill, she still continued to concentrate on looking after us all, and one of her final wishes to me was to lose weight. My sister was only 51 when she lost her battle with leukaemia, and my mum was 54 when she also died of leukaemia.  Trish didn't want history to repeat itself again, she wanted me to live the years that were taken from them both and she really did plead with me to lose weight.

'So I am trying to give my sister one of her final wishes for me, and make sure I am there for her girls. So this is for Trish, and it seems perfect that I can raise money for Peace Hospice Care whilst giving my sis her wish for me.'

You can visit Ruth's blog and sponsor her at if you would prefer to get behind all of the wonderful slimmers visit There are many more fundraising events happening at Peace Hospice Care for our 25th anniversary – please take a look!