Tuesday, 20 October 2015

'Kind, wonderful and a very special someone!' These are the heartfelt words used to describe Maureen Bryant, one of the loyal volunteers involved in the Herts Neighbours Project.

Since July 2015, Maureen has given her time and commitment to help support Herts Neighbours patient David Felt and his wife Adele from Radlett.

The Herts Neighbours project is part of a research study which supports patients who are suffering from a life limiting illness by providing them with a volunteer to provide companionship and practical support.

Maureen's kindness has made a huge difference to both David and Adele, helping them cope at a difficult time in their lives.

'I just cried when Maureen arrived for the first time at our house,' said Adele.  'I couldn't believe there was somebody who could do something so wonderful for us. 

'We got on with Maureen immediately.   She fitted in so well.  Such a lovely lady. She was happy to be chatty or quiet according to David's needs.

Maureen's weekly visits gave Adele the opportunity to go out of the house and away from being her husband's carer for the first time in months.

'It was like unlocking a cage and finding my freedom,' said Adele.

Since Maureen has been visiting the Felt family, Adele has been able to go shopping, visit her son's new home for the first time, and is looking forward to her grandson's 21st birthday celebrations.

'Since David was referred to the Inpatient Unit last Christmas eve, Peace Hospice Care have been fantastic for us and opened so many doors,' said Adele.  'The Herts Neighbours Project really helps give us the support we need at home. It's a wonderful thing.'

'Maureen is a real blessing. All I can say is "thankyou”. '

The Herts Neighbours Project has been supporting  30 patients since the scheme started June 1st2015 . It currently has 38 volunteers giving their time to benefit patients and has earned itself pride of place in the Cabinet Office scheme as number one recruiting project among six other schemes that are running nationwide.

'The project has made such a huge  difference to the lives of isolated patients who have a life-limiting illness,' said Amy Launders and Claire Charles, Herts Neighbours Project coordinators. 'Having someone there to offer practical help, or to just sit and have a chat  in own their homes  is  invaluable  at such a critical time in their lives.   We hope we will be able to continue to offer this much needed service to our community.'    

The project is currently recruiting further volunteers for the next training sessions on November 17 and 18 (6pm until 9pm) and November 21st from 9am until 3pm.

If you are interested in volunteering and being part of the Herts Neighbours Project or know someone who will benefit from this service, please  email: info@hertsneighbours.org.uk  or
 call 01923 335387/ 01923 335355