Friday, 25 September 2015

Are you a man with prostate cancer? Do you need support to help manage your symptoms? Do you want to meet other men and share your load or talk to a specialist nurse who can help answer your questions?

A six week course for men recovering from prostate cancer will be launched at our Starlight Centre later this year.

The course will offer a forum for men to meet with others in a similar situation and discuss common issues with a prostate cancer nurse specialist, Tina Smith.

It cover a series of topics including management of potential side effects of treatment, diet, exercise, body changes and intimacy.

'Tina said: "I have supported over 50 men with prostate cancer in the past six months and this new course has been launched as a way to bring men with similar symptoms together to share experiences and find out relevant information to help them manage their lives.

'The aim of the course is to improve men's health, independence and confidence, give them the support they need to get back in the driving seat and move on with their life.'

The course runs from 2 until  4pm for six weeks beginning on October 27th. For more information contact Tina Smith on 07921 388795 or email