Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Peace Hospice Care are proud of their Hospice at Home team and their commitment to the community of South West Hertfordshire. On 19thSeptember 2015 they will be celebrating a decade of their outstanding work.

In 2005 the Hospice  provided care for 65 patients, and in 2015 they  have been able to support 445 patients and their families. This not only avoided unwanted hospital admissions it also gave our patients a choice.

Week after week heart-warming letters of appreciation and tender hand-written 'thank you' cards arrive in the Hospice at Home office. Many people describe them as 'angels', others say their care has been 'calming and reassuring' and many more express the 'positive difference' they made at the time of illness and death.

This decade of moving words reflect just how much this group of healthcare professionals mean to the community. For 365 days a year they are truly cherished.

Deputy Director of Patient Services, Fiona Cawley told us 'Many people express the wish to die at home, surrounded by loved ones. Having to rush a loved one into a busy hospital is not perhaps what you want as the end of life draws near. The option of being able to stay at home is important and the Hospice at Home team make that possible.  Their work often goes unrecognised, but we want everybody to know the valuable contribution they make to our community. We thank everyone who has been part of the Hospice at Home team for the past ten years, we are so proud of them.'