Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kind hearted elders from the Satsang group of devotional singers showed their support for Peace Hospice Care with a generous £250.00 donation.

Their proud contribution to the Hospice had accumulated from collections at their weekly singing and prayer group gathering at Watford Palace Theatre.

Coming together every Thursday for devotional singing in their mother tongue of Gujarati, the women were keen to give back to the community.  

'The principle of Seva in Hinduism is to serve the community,' explained Binita Mehta, Conservative Councillor for Cassiobury and grand-daughter of group leader Kundan Mehta, aged 82.

'The Satsang group were keen to support the Hospice.  It is important to them to give back to local charities, so they jumped at the opportunity to sponsor my walk!'  

Binita was one of 600 walkers who took part in the Starlight Walk.  At the start of the event she joined the Satsang Singers to hand over the cheque to the Peace Hospice Care Director of Fundraising, Ropinder Gill.

'It was a very proud moment for these ladies and I had a great night on the Starlight Walk supporting Peace Hospice Care,' said Binita.

Peace Hospice Care need to raise £4.2 million in charitable income each year to continue their services.

'This donation was very much appreciated,' said Peace Hospice Care Director of Fundraising, Ropinder Gill. 'It was very kind that the Satsang Singing Group wanted to support their local Hospice and we thank them all. '

The Satsang singers would like to thank Watford Palace Theatre, in particular Head of Participation Kirsten Hutton,for giving them an opportunity to use their facilities to meet weekly and sing together.