Thursday, 09 July 2015

A cheery cuppa and a slice of home made birthday cake was presented to green fingered volunteer Daisy Gander to mark her 80th birthday and thank her for more than a decade of gardening at Peace Hospice Care.

Daisy, who tends the flowers and plants at the Hospice, shared her celebrations with the volunteer gardening team and members of staff.

Devoted to the continuing care of plants and flowers, Daisy gives her time and energy twice weekly to ensure the gardens remain watered, weeded and looking glorious.

'I took two years to create and plant the front walled garden,' said Daisy.  'I bought plants in from my own home.  It was a lot of work but I was determined. '

The recent heatwave did little to deter Daisy from the gardens at the Hospice and she made sure that the flowers did not go dry.

'I'm a self taught gardener,' said Daisy. 'I just keep on going and I don't know when to stop but we get a lot of comments and praise for our work and the patients get so much joy from the flowers.  It is very satisfying.'

Happy birthday Daisy!

If you would like to join the team of volunteer gardeners please call 01923 33033 or email