Tuesday, 05 May 2015

While the whole town turned golden yellow for the Hornets promotion celebrations, a small but significant purple party took place outside the Hospice building.

Staff, patients, volunteers and visitors from the Hospice Inpatient Unit  lined up to cheer, congratulate and thank Watford FC for supporting Peace Hospice Care.

As the open topped bus  weaved its way towards Cassiobury Park, Hospice supporters waved at the superstar squad and shared the joy with Hornet loving passers-by.

In response, generous fans not only showed their support for Watford FC but filled Hospice collection buckets with notes and loose change.

Sharing a hug with the Hospice mascot Harvey the bear also proved popular and countless jubilant fans stopped outside the Hospice building to bring a little purple into their golden day.

Peace Hospice Care Head of Marketing & Communications, Jon Michael said, 'We thank Watford FC for  giving us so  much support throughout the season.  We thank the fans for signing up for events , reading our news in the WFC match programme and giving us such a warm welcome at Vicarage Road during Hospice Care Week in October.  

'It was such a great sight to see the open topped bus pass by the Hospice  and we wish the team, the club and the fans a great season in the Premiership.'