Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The shout is out for fun, sociable eager individuals who have time to spare. Can you help our Chorleywood charity shop ring its till and keep customers coming back for more, more more?!

Volunteers are now being recruited and students with selling power, fun mums, upbeat individuals and males who can help good quality fashionable clothes fly off the rails are welcome to apply. Or if you have a flair for fashion and can help the Chorleywood store  create a magnet for bargain browsers and vintage enthusiasts, or increase our Hospice lottery sales please get in touch.  

Being a volunteer can be an opportunity to add weight to a CV or a University application or provide a chance to learn about the wonderful world of retail and trading while supporting Peace Hospice Care.

Whatever your reasons, come and talk it over with the shop manager Lyn Judge.  Please contact Lyn on 01923 285345 or visit the shop at 9 New Parade, Chorleywood WD3 5NJ.