Monday, 16 February 2015

Scrutinizing stamps and carefully examining coins has been a weekly task that has helped raise thousands for Peace Hospice Care.

Every Monday, for more than a decade, donations of old and news stamps and coins come under the expert eye of long term Hospice volunteer Eileen Lewis.

Sifting through the donations, Eileen sorts out the potential value of the weekly pile, always keeping her eye open for the occasional treasure. While some of the stamps will be sent on to a dealer or sold on ebay, many more end up in the sack to be sold by the kilo.

The success of this scheme that has been running for almost a decade has led to the Hospice asking that more businesses and individuals to get involved.

Companies, small businesses and supporters can help Peace Hospice Care by sending in the stamps from their daily load of mail.  Hospice supporters can also dig deep in their drawers, pockets, wallets and attic and send on coins and stamps new and old.

'I never know what I am going to find,' said Eileen who has been a Peace Hospice volunteer for the past two decades. 'I look through every donation. I remember finding an American half dollar that sold for £150.  I have also had some interesting old letters come my way with first date of issue stamps.  Dealers are interested in those.'

Eileen's painstaking process of sifting and sorting has raised thousands over the years. But those thousands could be significantly multiplied if one very special coin was uncovered.

'I am still hoping for a 1933 penny,' said Eileen.' They are worth a quarter of a million!'

If you have coins or stamps to donate either as a company or individual please contact Peace Hospice Care Corporate Fundraising Manager Vicky Luk 01923 330330 or