Tuesday, 03 February 2015

If there could be a sew-on-the sleeve Scouting badge that shows you have supported Peace Hospice Care, the 6th North Watford group would be wearing it.

Instead, the generous hearted boys and girls stepped up to receive a certificate of recognition for volunteering at the Hospice as part of their Community Challenge Award.

Working hard and showing commitment to community, the 6th North Watford Scout group began their involvement with the Hospice in 2014.

An incredible 17 scouts lent a hand and a heart when they helped out at the December annual Lights of Love ceremony outside the Hospice in Watford.

Assisting by handing out candles and programmes at the event, the Scouts helped make a difference with their caring presence.

This week, to complete the challenge, they delivered presentations to families about the work of the Hospice and about Lights of Love.  They also gave parents information on ways to support the Hospice.

Group Scout Leader Andrew Saunders said, ' I was very impressed.  All of the scouts used their own words to deliver their presentations and drew on their own research.'

Peace Hospice Care Schools and Colleges co-ordinator Sudarshana Sharma, was also delighted by the groups commitment and capacity to learn.  'I was delighted to present the Scout group with their certificate of achievement, ' she said. 'Every one of the Scouts can feel proud of their contribution and knowledge. It has been a pleasure working with this group and it is encouraging to hear them  passing on their good work in a presentation to parents and other Scouts. This group have learnt a lot about the Hospice and in return I have discovered how much a young group of scouts really do care about their local Hospice and community.'