Thursday, 08 January 2015

Seven gorgeous girls have been bonded together by shedding pounds for Peace Hospice Care.

Trimming down and shaping up over a twelve week period was a challenge they all shared when they signed up for the  'Pounds for Pounds weight loss fundraiser in 2014.

A total of fifteen women took part shedding an incredible collective fourteen stone. All of them have managed to keep their newly formed figures reduced. Seven of them have stayed in touch with each other and meet regularly to check their figures and have fun. Two of the slimmers  have  even signed up for this year's weight loss programme with an aim to tone down even further.

Peace Hospice Care referrals administrator, Jan Cunnington said, 'Taking part in this fundraiser is a great way to start the year. I lost over a stone last year and now I want to do the same again.

'It is a  brilliant challenge. You get so much support meeting up weekly, having gym membership, access to a personal trainer  and being encouraged by the other girls. Eating less and moving more is the formula for weight loss.The support is the extra help you need.'

Jan  recalled that she stayed motivated and kept moving throughout the twelve week programme knowing that she would need to reveal her weight loss at the event Gala night and by the weekly meetings.

'The Gala night drove me on. I knew I would have to stand up and show everyone whether I had lost weight or not . I not only lost a stone and four pounds  but raised £1,600 for the Hospice. 

Peace Hospice Care Finance Manager Yvonne Cahill and former Community Fundraiser Gill Crowson also took part in the 2014 programme also shedding surplus weight, raising funds and getting fitter.

If you would like to sign up for this year's pounds for pounds challenge,  shed your excess weight and raise funds for Peace Hospice Care then there are a few spaces left. The challenge starts on January 22nd for twelve weeks.

Further details on the challenge  can be found at