Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Following more than twenty years of loyal service, the Reverend Michael Carter, the Chaplain at Peace Hospice Care and was given a small celebration party and a touching tribute to his remarkable work.

 Looking back on two decades of giving spiritual guidance to  Hospice patients, Rev Carter described his role as having been  an 'enormous privilege.'

'It has been a job that has value and really is the most satisfying experience of my life,' he said.

His long term devotion to the care team was marked by the presentation of a Certificate of Recognition by the Hospice Spiritual Care coordinator Jason Demant.

'Today we celebrate and thank the Reverend Michael Carter of the twenty years he has been involved with the Hospice,' said Jason. '  He has touched the lives of hundreds of patients and given thousands of hours to Peace Hospice Care,' Any form of gratitude is only a token.'

Peace Hospice Care Chief Executive Sue Plummer echoed the praise and passed on her  heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Hospice and trustees.

The Reverend Michael Carter will continue his work at Peace Hospice and will be in the Inpatient Unit on Christmas Day. 'I like to come and see the patients on Christmas Day who don't get a chance to get home.  I look forward to continuing my work at the Hospice in 2015.'