Monday, 01 December 2014

They are champions of giving, experts in making a difference and quiet contributors to every hospice in the country.

They are the Freemasons Grand Charity, who have been making regular donations to Peace Hospice Care for more than fifteen years.

On Friday November 28th, Alan Whitney and Tony Smith who represent the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire proudly donated  £2,782.00 to Peace Hospice Care Events Manager, Pete Watson.

'Since 1998, the Freemasons Grand Charity have donated £33,000 to Peace Hospice Care,' said Pete. 'This really is in incredible amount of money and we thank the Freemasons everywhere who have contributed.  Their commitment to Peace Hospice Care and other hospices is considerable. We thank them all for this donation.'

Before the National Lottery began, the greatest contributor to charity in this country was the Freemasons Grand charity.  Every year this organisation distributes over £3 million to worthy causes. Donations are received from the contributions of Freemasons throughout this land.  Every Hospice in this country receives a donation every year.