Wednesday, 05 November 2014

The Watford Observer, in association with intu Watford, is searching for the town's most heroic residents.

One of our  wonderful Peace Hospice Care volunteers, David Williams has been included in the nominations and has the opportunity to be crowned Watford's Local Hero 2014 and turn on intu Christmas lights on November 20.

David is part of our bereavement support team and works as a bereavement counsellor, bereavement visitor, supervisor for bereavement visitors and STARS facilitator.

He has been described as a 'rare, unassuming individual who has made a considerable contribution to the service.'

Peace Hospice Care Children and Young Peoples Co-ordinator,  Jo Derry said 'David was part of the very first STARS grief group for children and their carers in 2000 and has literally supported hundreds of adults and children since then.

'Children readily warm to David and he is held in equally high esteem by his colleagues, supporting those facilitators less experienced than him. He is a consistent and multi-skilled volunteer; as a visiting counsellor, he has seen bereaved clients too ill to come to the Hospice, managing their physical and emotional pain with compassion and patience.

'David also fixes things practically as well as emotionally, from secretly repairing the office clock, to working at home mending broken items required for STARS groups. He has never accepted a pound for expenses incurred, despite traveling many miles.'

Let's try and make sure our Hospice hero will light up Watford this Christmas. He needs your vote!

You can vote David  by following this link