Friday, 31 October 2014

Mud, water and aching limbs did not deter them. Their spirits were high, their smiles significant and their fundraising achievements were well worth the effort!

For the ten strong team from Emmaus charity in St Albans, taking part in the Push it For the Peace event in Cassiobury Park in September was a memorable and  magnificent achievement. 

Overcoming an assault course of challenging obstacles and raising £1,000 for Peace Hospice Care left the team with a sense of  personal pride and a determination to sign up for further fundraisers in the future.

Handing over the cheque to Peace Hospice Care Events Manager Pete Watson was a proud moment for five members of the team.

'To achieve and take part was a real high,' said Emmaus 'Companion'  Panikos Constantinou.  'We all did well and it was a real team building experience.'

Community achievement and working together is part of the Emmaus philosophy.  The homeless charity with a difference offers its 'Companions'  meaningful work,  a sense of belonging and a home.

Living together as a community gives the 'Companions' an opportunity to take stock of their lives. As well being supported the companions support each other and work together on Emmaus social enterprises that generate revenue to pay for the upkeep, home and food.

It is the second year that Emmaus have entered a team for the event and their Community Support Manager, Jennifer Hewson is certain they will return in the future.

'One of our Companions is such a good runner that he finished the course and then almost did it all again to support the others in the team,' said Jennifer.  

For Nigel Bunney, speed was not important, he was just determined to complete the course and get through the wet obstacles along the way. 'I felt so happy to finish the course.  I even overcame my fear of water,' he said.  'We feel good about supporting the Hospice. Really good. '