Thursday, 23 October 2014

Patients, families and visitors at Peace Hospice Care can look forward to stress free parking thanks to the dedicated fundraising force of My News magazine editor Nik Allen and Linda Topping.

Their challenging campaign to raise money for an automatic car park barrier at the Hospice has been a success.   A striking red and white barrier has been installed preventing shoppers and casual parkers from gaining access to the Peace Drive car park spaces.


The new measures will enable families who need the car park to visit loved ones in the Hospice are able to find a place for their vehicle minimising stress.

Framed 'thank you' certificates to officially mark the success of the campaign were presented to Nik and Linda by Hospice Chief Executive Sue Plummer.

'Parking at the Hospice has always been a challenge, said Sue Plummer.  'Our new barrier will help to keep places available for families.  This will  reduce additional worry that visitors to the Hospice could do without. We are grateful to Nik Allen and Linda Topping for running this successful fundraising campaign.  The barrier has already undoubtedly helped us improve parking and made a difference.'


Nik and Linda have been supported throughout their campaign by countless community members and a determined team who were keen to help achieve the fundraising target.

The success of the My News 'My Local Hero 2013' event  provided the much needed funds for the barrier campaign.

'We would like to extend our thanks to our team who really got behind this campaign,' said Nik Allen. 'Their help made is possible to  achieve our fundraising goal. We are delighted that we could play a role in helping such an important community service, and  to see the barrier arm raised at Peace Hospice Care.'