Friday, 05 September 2014

A generous gift of a hand crafted model windmill is bringing joy to patients and families in the Peace Hospice Care garden.

Nestled amongst the flowers and plants it has been gently turning its sails and turning the heads of numerous visitors, staff and patients who use the garden area.

The wonderful windmill has been donated by engineer Brian Dixon who's daughter Melinda Smith works for the Hospice at Home team at Peace Hospice Care.

Brian was inspired to create his own mini windmill having seen similar models for sale on a trip to Belgium.

'I made one for the garden and my wife and visitors just loved it,' said Brian.  'This model has been developed since my original version.  I just hope people enjoy it, especially the children.'

Brian's daughter Melinda is delighted that the windmill  has found a home in the much used patient garden.

Melinda is featured in the photo above beside the windmill.