Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Volunteers' Week is a celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK. Heather Hankinson, our Nursing Support Volunteer is one of them. She shares her experiences of working in our Inpatient Unit.

Giving up four hours of her time every Monday  morning  has been a satisfying commitment for Heather. It has given her the opportunity to give something back to her community by supporting her local Hospice in a newly created volunteer role.

'I worked as a nurse for ten years,' said Heather. 'Once my children started school I thought about volunteering. I had never done any volunteering before.'

Heather spotted a poster calling for Volunteers, made contact with the Hospice and after her initial enquiry she underwent an induction workshop and training.

'Once I had been through training I started volunteering in November 2013,' said Heather.  'Every Monday, after dropping my children at school , I work  in the Inpatient Unit. Being a volunteer is a regular part of my week now and gives me the chance to use my skills, support the nursing staff, patients and families.

'I get hands on patient care it may just be sitting talking to a patient  or assisting the nursing staff. I get a lot out of it, I really do. It is very satisfying to be back working with patients.  I would urge anyone to be a volunteer. the Hospice really needs us. It's  very rewarding and a part of my week I really value.'

Peace Hospice Care Volunteers Manager, Jennie Wharram said, 'Our volunteers are involved in every part of our work from gardening to shop work, admin roles or helping out at events. Without them we would not be able to offer the range of services or the support to our patients and their family. We are very lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteers who give us their time and skills. So come and join our team !!!!'

At Peace Hospice Care our volunteers provide 180,000 hours of unpaid work every single year and are worth £2.5 million annually to the Hospice.  The support  they provide undoubtedly helps the Hospice maintain the highest level of care for patients and their families.

There are currently more than 650 volunteers who give their time to working in 46 roles at Peace Hospice Care.


If you are interested in being a volunteer  for Peace Hospice Care contact the Volunteering Team on 01923 330346 or email

(Award winning volunteers(2013)  are featured in the photo )