Thursday, 01 May 2014

A compassionate education programme in care homes' Train the Trainer' (TTT) has led to improved staff confidence and skills in supporting residents when they were dying.

Over the past three years, Peace Hospice Care, Hospice of St Francis, Keech Hospice Care and Isabel Hospice have been providing the award winning ABC End of Life Education programme.  

To build on its success, a pilot TTT programme, was introduced to equip more staff to provide end of life care.

The pilot ran for nine months and involved 30 trainers from 17 care homes.  It focused on recruiting two trainers who had participated in the ABC programme, per care home to support six learners. A blended learning approach was offered that combined online training, face to face teaching sessions and ongoing support from end of life educators/facilitators to give staff in care homes the tools to look after people towards end of life.

Pain management, emotional support, communication skills  and advance care planning to  help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions were the focus during the course.

A recent evaluation of the pilot has revealed it has made a difference in care home education.

Sarah Russell, TTT Project lead for Herts, Beds and Luton and Director of Education and Research at Peace Hospice Care and Hospice of St Francis has shared the April 2014 evaluation of the programme published by the Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care at University of Hertfordshire.

'Hospice care works across all settings including nursing and residential homes,  Working with the homes, together the hospices have provided a comprehensive, efficient, cost effective compassionate education programme, she said. ' The 'difference that made the difference' was a shared commitment and passion to care and collaborate with each other.'

The full report can be accessed by clicking here