Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kind hearted customers made their coins count when they threw them into collection buckets at Asda store in Watford.

The two day bucket shake  and a £200 Community Award Scheme donation scooped an incredible £2,005.83 for Peace Hospice Care and strengthened Asda's commitment to the community.

'Our customers really have made a difference,' said Store Manager Richard Henery who together with Asda Community Life Champion, Zoe Stewart handed over the cheque to Peace Hospice Care Corporate Fundraising Manager, Lisa Ricketts.

'Asda likes to involve itself in the community as much as possible. Our customers are very generous towards the Hospice and do like to give back to the community.'

Peace Hospice Care will continue to work with Asda on future fundraising initiatives.

Peace Hospice Care Community Fundraising Manager Lisa Ricketts said, 'We are delighted by Asda's fundraising achievements. Two days of bucket collecting really does make a difference. We thank them and their customers for their support.'