Friday, 21 March 2014

Young fundraisers scoop awards in Dragon's Apprentice Challenge.

Seven successful students from Parmiter's School made money grow for Peace Hospice Care in  the Watford & Three Rivers Trust Connect  (W3RT) Dragon's Apprentice Challenge.

Their award winning achievements not only scooped three prize winning awards but  placed them firmly in the hearts of the hospice. 

The team of winners, who called themselves 'Team Diligence'  were part of the W3RT  Dragon's Apprentice Challenge which saw them compete against 12 other local teams to turn £100 into £1,000.

Team Diligence exceeded all expectations and turned their money into an incredible £3,602 by working tirelessly since September organising a variety of small events.

Hair braiding, bucket shaking, Christmas wrapping and a fantastic Barn Dance were some of their fundraising activities that proved to be  a huge success and demonstrated that seven youngsters can truly  make a difference.

Peace Hospice Care Community Fundraising Manager, Allison Troman-Nunes said 'We work hard to inspire a new generation of young people to become involved with their local charity.  Team Diligence have been a pleasure to work with. They should be very proud of their achievements.  We are keen to continue our commitment to working with young people and achieving great projects that involve young people.'

Team Diligence were delighted by their awards.  The event was attended by  Apprentice Finalist Neil Clough who complimented the students on their success.

'There were some truly inspiring young people. Congratulations to you all,' he said.

Peace Hospice Care would like to thank John Lewis in Watford and their Dragons Apprentice Mentors Kate Leach (press and marketing co-ordinator) and Pearl Robson (community Lisaon co-ordinator) for all their support during the challenge.





Team Diligence members: Hope Baker, Amber Pocklington, Georgia Carter, Danielle Carey, Eliza Dickinson , Beth Windmill,  Matthew Wise.