Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cheery student chefs at West Herts College dished up a huge plate of support for the Have a Heart for your Hospice Appeal this week.

Stepping back from the heat of the kitchen, they demonstrated their love for their local hospice by donning the brand new Have a Heart badges and put Peace Hospice Care on the menu for the day.

The Have a Heart Campaign that was launched on February 1st has been asking the local community to dig deep in their pockets, piggy banks and purses to donate £1 or more to the Hospice. 

Local companies, office schools and shops have joined in with the campaign by wearing the new 'Have a Heart for your Hospice' badges and making donations. 

This Friday, the Have a Heart Appeal will be active at Watford Junction station and Morrisons.  Commuters and shoppers will have a chance to show their love for the hospice on Valentine's day by making a donation and wearing their badge with pride.

Peace Hospice Care is challenging the community to send in a snap of the badge wearer to be displayed in a Have a Heart online gallery. 

Peace Hospice Care Events Manager Peter Watson said 'The badges have prompted a wave of support. So many people are wearing them and showing they have a heart for their hospice.  We have received some fantastic fun photos of the badges being worn.  We want to see even more pics. So please send them our way through our Gallery. 

The support of the community and the power of online and text donations is priceless to patients with a life limiting illness and their families who need the services of Peace Hospice Care. The suggested £1 donation can truly make a difference.

Please contact Peace Hospice Care  for more information on the Have a Heart campaign on 01923 330349 or email your photos to us