Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sandhya Sakaria, wife of patient Raj tells her story.

'If I turn the clocks back ten months, I was struggling at home, barely sleeping, barely coping and trying my hardest   to look after my husband Raj who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. My sons, Mehul and Meraj were a great support but I was sinking with the weight of responsibility.

Raj was at a very low patch in his illness, he was refusing to let anyone help him.  For more than a year, together with my boys, we coped and did everything.  It was the hardest time of my life.

Raj was referred to Peace Hospice Care for admission to the Inpatient Unit.  When he refused I felt such despair as I did not know how I would continue to cope.  But the  Hospice found another way forward.  They offered Raj Complementary Therapy and it proved to be the turning point. A weekly massage has truly turned our lives around.

Over the past ten months Raj's visits to the Starlight Centre for a body massage have become the climax of our week. It is so important to him and he makes it a priority over any other appointments.  The massage works wonders on him. Not only does it relax him and improve his sleep, it has  also opened him up to other Peace Hospice services.  Most importantly it's helped all of us to come to terms with his illness.

Raj spent two weeks in the Inpatient Unit which he really appreciated.  He was so well cared for he almost didn't want to come home!  My sons were very impressed; my youngest even remarked that the rooms were like the villas we had stayed at in Bali!

I also receive a massage from a Complementary Therapist and that helps me relax, cope and offload. Peace Hospice Care is part of our world now, it's not just helping Raj it's helping all of us.

Words cannot explain how grateful we are to Peace Hospice Care. It is a truly beautiful set up. I cannot thank the Peace Hospice Care enough for their support for Raj and all of us as a family.'