Friday, 17 January 2014

Starlight Centre patient Glenn Phillips, who has Motor Neurone Disease, made a memorable return journey to White Hart Lane to watch his team.

On Saturday January 11, Glenn Phillips, a lifelong Spurs supporter and patient at the Starlight Centre at Peace Hospice Care, pulled on his well-worn football scarf and sat back in the comfort of a Corporate Business Suite to watch his team beat Crystal Palace 2-0.

It was a dream come true for Glenn who had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2011 . He was back at the club he loved, to enjoy the occasion with family and friends.

His return to Spurs followed an appeal for a Suite Seat in the Watford Observer which generated an overwhelming response from the community. It also helped raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease.

‘There is no way out of MND. It is a nightmare,' said Glenn. It has robbed me of so much. All the everyday things everyone takes for granted I cannot do anymore . I cant write, cook , use my computer or even do my own buttons up.
Despite his deteriorating health, Glenn had been determined to get back to Spurs and set up a local support group for those with MND to come together with their carers and families.

'I am driving it forward,' said Glenn.

Glenn has been supported throughout his illness by the Starlight Centre at Peace Hospice Care where he receives a fortnightly massage from a Complementary Therapist.

‘Coming to the Starlight Centre has become an essential part of my month,’ said Glenn. My muscles have wasted because of MND. After a massage it is the only time I can feel any sensation in my arms. It reaches the deep tissue and it’s wonderful. Also, I get to have a laugh. Socially it is very important to me.’

Glenn is one of the many patients at the Starlight Centre who are managing their conditions with support from Complementary Therapists and volunteers.

Jackie Tritton, director of patient services at Peace Hospice Care said ‘We have been supporting Glenn and other patients to live well with life limiting conditions. It is very pleasing news to find that Glenn has returned to his football club and achieved one of his wishes. ‘

For an audio link of Glenn Phillips and further details of Day Services click here