Saturday, 19 October 2019

Tick off this bucket list challenge and join us to walk the Great Wall of China from 19th - 27th October 2019.

On this 8 day adventure you'll visit one of the seven new Wonders of the World and explore it's history as we make our way along the wall over a 6 day trek. Each day we will visit different parts of the wall and our guides will take the time to teach you all about the history.

This trek will really challenge you as you'll be climbing thousands of tiny steps as you make your way along some of the most famous parts of the wall including the ruined wall of Badaling and the most popular trekking route, Jinshanling. We'll finish the trip by celebrating as a group with a visit to the Tian'anmen Square and Forbidden City.

Trip cost

Registration fee: £200

Fundraising target: £3000

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'I took part in the Great Walk for Peace trip in 2014, I was 21 when we set off and as someone who had only ever been to our families annual package holiday to Cyprus and having never travelled abroad alone, it felt quite daunting at first. I thought, I'm about to go across the globe with no friends or family with me and trek 80km of the Great Wall of China with a group of people I've never met.

If you're having the same thoughts as I did I can assure you, you have nothing to worry about and it will be one of the best experiences of your life as it was mine!

Our group met up before hand and went on a couple walking routes together which was great to get to know each other more before taking off for China.

When we arrived and on the first two nights we stayed in the Great Wall barracks, located right next to the wall. Waking up the first day and being able to see the wall and mountains from the window was something I'll never forget, that was the moment when it became real and I thought 'I'm actually doing this' so with my bag on my back, boots on and walking poles at the ready I was set to go and walk the Great Wall of China.

You stay in a different accommodation each night as you get to walk along various different parts of the wall, from where the Hollywood movie scenes are filmed, to the more rural non tourist and unrestored sections, which were personally my favourite.

Be prepared it's not no walk in the park, you'll be climbing stairs, steps and rumble and walking far all with the achy legs from the day before. But for the people you get to meet, the sights you get to see and the memories you get to create, it's worth every single part.' - Charlotte Reynolds, Previous Great Wall of China Trekker




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