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Bereavement Support

Individual Counselling and Support

Our team of experienced and qualified counsellors and trained volunteers is here to support you, your family and friends during a challenging time.  If you have received a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness or you are supporting someone with a diagnosis, you may benefit from individual counselling to help you process your thoughts and emotions.  You can refer yourself to our service by accessing our self-referral form below.

We are also here to support you when the person you love dies, wherever and whenever this happened.  Our Bereavement Support Team can offer telephone support in the early days and weeks, and our bereavement counsellors can offer eight weeks of specialist counselling if you are finding it hard to adjust. Talking about and sharing how you feel can be very helpful, and counselling sessions can offer you the dedicated time and a safe space to talk about your feelings, your relationship with the person who has died, other changes in your life and thoughts about the future.  Contact us on 01923 330 332 if you would like to discuss receiving support from the Bereavement Support Team or a bereavement counsellor, or you can access the service via the self-referral form below.

To download a self-referral form for counselling, please click here

We also offer eight weeks of counselling free of charge to anyone in the community who is experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues, for example anxiety or depression, or those who are experiencing challenging life events.  You can be referred to our team of experienced Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) accredited counsellors through your local GP. Just visit your GP and ask to be referred for IAPT counselling at Peace Hospice Care.