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Clinical Volunteering

Become a Compassionate Neighbour

Compassionate Neighbours is a social movement of local people enabled and supported to be more compassionate in their local communities. They provide social and emotional support to people towards the end of life due to age or illness. They also share their knowledge and experiences of end of life, death, dying and loss within their community and provoke engagement with these issues. 

Compassionate Neighbours can support people by: 

  • Visiting regularly
  • Offering friendship, emotional support and a listening ear
  • Helping them to do the things they like doing
  • Helping them stay connected to the community as well as family and friends 

Find out more about Compassionate Neighbours here.

Could you be a Compassionate Neighbour? 

Do you like making friends? Do you like chatting over a cuppa? Do you want to make a difference to someone in your community who is lonely or at risk of isolation by simply sharing your time, companionship and support? 

You can learn more about the role and apply by clicking here. 

Please do get in touch with any queries by reaching us on 01923 330 330 or 

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