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Always Remembered Tribute

Celebrate Your Loved One

An Always Remembered Tribute allows you to create a long-lasting tribute in memory of a loved one to share with family and friends. Your online memory box is a wonderful platform to share memories; upload photographs, video and favourite music tracks – perhaps a tune from a memorable concert, a football team anthem, the music from the first dance at your wedding, or simply music that holds strong memories for you.

An Always Remembered Tribute is completely free to set up, easy to share and will stay on Peace Hospice Care's dedicated site in perpetuity; giving you a place to return to if you wish to mark anniversaries, birthdays or special occasions. If you wish, you can use your Always Remembered Tribute to raise money for Peace Hospice Care too.

You can set up your tribute fund here. If you need any assistance then please contact our In Memory Fundraising Manager, Charlotte Richardson at

Please note: PHC Tribute Funds are hosted on a dedicated third party tribute website operated by Much Loved.