For many people talking about death and dying is hard, but isn’t that exactly what we have to do to make every day count?

Our #EveryDayCounts campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of thinking and speaking about death and dying and making the most of every day. For some people, making the most of every day might mean being able to walk across the room, share memories with a loved one or have a cup of tea. For others it might mean having a party or taking part in a sporting or charity challenge.

Whatever is important to you, speak to your loved ones about it so they know - about your wishes for living and your wishes for dying too.

We invite you to take part in our #EveryDayCounts campaign. Simply copy and paste the text below, between the dotted lines, onto your social media page, answer the question and name/tag the people you want to nominate to take part in the challenge – you can post a video message, written text or a photo as your response, whatever you are most comfortable with.


I’m taking part in Peace Hospice Care's #EveryDayCounts campaign to encourage people to speak about death, dying and making the most of every day by answering this question.

"What three things are on your bucket list to do, experience or share, and who with, before you die?"

Here’s my answer.

I nominate the following people to take part in @PeaceHospiceCare's challenge and answer this question:


If you would prefer not to use social media then you, and anyone you know, can still get involved by sending responses to us by post or email using the details below:

FAO Communications and Marketing, Peace Hospice Care, Peace Drive, Watford, WD17 3PH


Our #EveryDayCounts campaign will run until October when we will share responses on Facebook and on our website during Hospice Care Week (8-14th October). Thank you for your support.