We depend on the generosity of supporters like you to keep providing our vital services. This is why it is important for us not only to fundraise but to do so according to the high standards that people expect of us.

To that end we promise to be honest, open and transparent, to respect your wishes and to abide by your communication preferences. We promise that:

  • Our fundraisers follow the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Practise to make sure that we undertake our fundraising activities sensitively, effectively and ethically
  • We do not sell or buy supporter data from other agencies or third parties
  • We keep supporter data safe and secure and for the purposes it is meant for
  • If we phone you it will only be when you have expressed an interest in our work or given your phone number for the purposes of an event
  • We abide by your communication preferences - if you say you would prefer not to hear from us then we will respect your wishes

 If you have any queries or would like to amend your communication preferences, do let us know by calling 01923 330 340 or please email us.