Volunteers can and do provide a huge service to the community and with the rising older demographic, the Herts Neighbours Service aims to support lonely and isolated people struggling with a life-limiting illness in the Hertfordshire community.

Eric is OK. He's got his family around him. Across the road is Mabel. She has no local family or friends. She longs for someone to talk to so she doesn't have to be alone.

The Herts Neighbours Service aims to match volunteers with patients to provide help with anything from showing them how to use Skype to talk to relatives abroad, to helping with medical appointments and shopping. But befriending, having someone who will listen is the most important part.

60% of the population say they would prefer to die at home if they had a terminal illness, yet being at home can mean loneliness. Sadly, 59% of adults aged over 52 with poor health, experience feelings of isolation.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to join the Herts Neighbours Service.

Can you help? Are you a great listener, who's approachable and loves spending time with others?

If you want to make a difference, apply today.

Via email: info@hertsneighbours.org.uk
Via phone: Call 01923 335387/ 01923 335355