Here is a list of other bereavement support networks that you might find useful:

Counselling Directory aims to be the leading service for counselling advice and information, connecting those in distress with the largest support network in the UK. Since the service was launched in 2005 it has grown rapidly in both size and popularity

The Child Bereavement Charity website provides information about the organisation including what the organisation does and current projects and initiatives as well as contact information. Also, there is detailed information on training and resources available with more specific information available for schools, hospitals, families and young people. There is also a section outlining ways in which you could support the organisation.

The Child Death Helpline for all those affected by the death of a child. Their website offers information about who it will help and who you can speak to. Also available are the experience of a bereaved parent and a volunteer. Information on how to contact the helpline and how to volunteer is also included.

The Compassionate Friends is an organisation of bereaved parents and their families offering understanding, support and encouragement to others after the death of a child or children. Also offered is support, advice and information to other relatives, friends and professionals who are helping the family. The website offers up to date information on coming events as well as how to contact the organisation. Also available is how to volunteer or donate to the organisation.

Cruse Bereavement Care offers free bereavement counselling, support and information to anyone bereaved by death. Their website briefly outlines the services offered by this organisation and the ways in which you can help. Contact information is also available.

Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service: Information on how to contact the service, why you would contact the service and who you can speak to. There is also information on what the counselling may involve.

Winston's Wish a grief support programme that provides a range of services for bereaved children and their families. Contact information, publications and ways to help the support programme are available on this site. There is a large section on how the organisation can help you, which includes a section in which you can ask a question directly to the organisation. More technical information is also available for professionals who care for bereaved children.

The WAY Foundation is the only national charity that provides support to young bereaved men and women in the UK. Membership is open to anyone widowed up to and including the age of 50.

SOBS (Survivors Of Bereavement by Suicide) exists to meet the needs and break the isolation of those bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend. We offer emotional and practical support in a number of ways:

  • Telephone contacts
  • Bereavement packs
  • Group meetings (in a number of locations)
  • One-day conferences
  • Residential events
  • Information relating to practical issues and problems

Our aim is to provide a safe, confidential environment in which bereaved people can share their experiences and feelings, so giving and gaining support from each other.

We also strive to improve public awareness and maintain contacts with many other statutory and voluntary organisations.

Suicide recognises no age, social, ethnic or cultural boundaries ‚€" neither do we. Our groups are open to any individual or family.

We are a self -help organisation and are always looking for people to help with our groups and Helpline - contact us if you feel you have the time and inclination to assist.

PAPYRUS is a voluntary UK organisation committed to the prevention of young suicide and the promotion of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Founded in 1997 by parents who had lost a son or daughter to suicide, PAPYRUS has three primary objectives:

  • To provide assistance and resources to the professional and public sectors who care for teens and young people battling suicidal tendencies.
  • To promote public awareness in the importance of emotional wellbeing and to campaign for improved mental health services in the UK for vulnerable young people.
  • To provide an easily accessible route to information on suicide prevention and emotional wellbeing; from basic self-help resources, to guidance on seeking counselling and therapy.

Road Peace the UK's national charity dedicated to supporting bereaved and injured road crash victims, was set up in February 1992 to meet the overwhelming need for a national organisation to represent and support this huge group of victims and draw attention to their almost non-existent rights.

At the same time, RoadPeace launched the first and only national helpline for road victims - 0845 4500 355 - a Lifeline offering vital information, advice and support on 7 days 12 hours each day, backed up by publications written from the victims' perspective and practical experience of thousands of cases - on investigations, prosecutions and civil claims. Long-term support and friendship are offered through mailings, local groups, annual events and many joint acts of remembrance.

RoadPeace champions the rights of road crash victims to ensure the trauma they suffer is acknowledged. To this end, RoadPeace researches and documents the experiences of road crash victims, using the findings to inform and influence policy makers, agencies, the media and the public.

RoadPeace also works for real road safety - to reduce the causes of road crashes and make sure that lessons are learnt to prevent similar deaths and injuries from occurring. RoadPeace works with many transport campaigning and social justice groups and is a founder member of the Safer Streets Coalition, the Slower Speeds Initiative and Children and Traffic Coalition. Many concerned members of the public support RoadPeace's work and have joined as members.

SAMM (SAMM = Support After Murder and Manslaughter) work in partnership with the home office, victim support and law enforcement agencies offering training and support on the effects of murder and manslaughter on families and friends.

Here at SAMM we offer understanding and support to families and friends, who have been bereaved as a result of murder and manslaughter, through the mutual support of others who have suffered a similar tragedy.

To raise public awareness about the effects of murder and manslaughter on families and friends.

To take up the issues of concern arising out of the effects of murder and manslaughter.

To promote and support research into the effects of murder and manslaughter on society.

Samaritans is available 24 hours a day to provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.
Samaritans vision is for a society

  • in which fewer people die by suicide
  • people are able to explore their feelings
  • people are able to acknowledge and respect the feelings of others.

The Samaritans values are based on these beliefs:

  • The importance of having the opportunity to explore difficult feelings.
  • That being listened to, in confidence and accepted without prejudice, can alleviate despair and suicidal feelings.
  • That everyone has the right to make fundamental decisions about their own life, including the decision to due by suicide.

Stop Mail is a service that has been developed by the Bereavement Support Network to help families and friends find services following a loss. The service enters details into a secure data bank. Any company wishing to send direct mail, details of their products and services can check their mailing list against the information held on The Bereavement Register®. If they find any matches they will remove the deceasedís details and stop sending them marketing communications, they are obliged to do this by law. For more information please click here.

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