Recognising and caring for the spiritual needs of patients and family members is as important as the physical and practical care that we offer.

Some people will have specific requests relating to their religion or culture. For others, spirituality describes the vital network of inter-relationships which give value and meaning to their lives. During times of illness and stress these inter-relationships can be affected and changed. Spiritual care can help people to make sense of their situation, to talk through some of the questions raised, to sort things out, to restore a sense of balance and peace.

Requests for spiritual or religious care can be made to any member of the Hospice staff.

Members of the Spiritual Care Team visit patients and their families in the Inpatient Unit and in the Starlight Centre regularly.

  • You can speak to us in confidence.
  • We can contact a representative of your own faith.
  • We offer support for outpatients and those cared for by the Hospice at Home Service.
  • We provide advice, resources and support to staff and volunteers.
  • We work as part of the Hospice team for holistic well-being.
  • The Quiet Room is a place for stillness and prayer - open to all.
  • Services of reflection and worship are arranged according to need.

Contact the Spiritual Care Co-ordinator on 01923 330334